Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hello all, I've been a little bit busy this last week and will probably be busy again this week too (I'm moving back to Leeds on Saturday so I should be able to blog more from next week!). Anyway, I'll update you all very soon with the things I have been doing over the past week, but tonight I am going to do a special post....

Earlier today I received an email from Meagan at Splendid Communications, who have been working with, none other than:

 Jessica Lowndes from 90210!

Recently, Jessica and Splendid Communications have been working on a campaign together for the Norwegian glacial mineral water brand Isklar. This is all part of a campaign called "Do Different" where, basically you make a change in your life whether it is a new hairstyle, a new wardrobe/look or trying new hobbies. Jessica has been working behind the scenes as a makeup artist, as part of this campaign, and I have been given the chance to share her beauty secrets with you so not you can look just as gorgeous as Jessica does above!

Tip 1: "I always drink lots of water and when I’m in the UK I drink Isklar. It’s probably the best beauty tip that I was given. Water is a natural purifier and aids in detoxification, so make sure you drink 6-8 glasses a day!"

Tip 2: "I love dramatic eyes for my night time look so I always use Laura Mercier cream eye shadow and L’Oreal Voluminous mascara to give my lashes lots of volume. Always try and use a mascara applicator that’s more of a comb rather than a brush for more defined, fully coated, voluminous lashes"

Tip 3: "I like body lotions and perfume that are sweet smelling - anything that smells like cake is a favourite of mine.  I always apply body lotion after I get out of the shower to help seal in moisture to keep my skin supple and hydrated"

Tip 4: "I’ve just been introduced to Bare Minerals makeup on my trip to the UK and it’s great because it doesn’t clog your pores and allows your skin to breathe. It’s ideal for sensitive skin as the minerals are so pure and absorb excess oil giving you a matte, fresh finish"

Tip 5: "Whilst in the UK I’ve been introduced to Givenchy lipstick in sweet shine, this is a great lipstick colour that can be worn in daytime or with smoky eyes for night time look, make sure you choose a lipstick colour that suits you and is wearable with more than one look!"

Tip 6: "For a great glow I like to use Armani Cream Blush Duo- gives a great sun kissed look without being too much. I apply mine with a soft brush and it leaves my skin dewy and glowing!"

Tip 7: "It’s really important in summer to keep your skin hydrated so I love to use Dermalogica cream on my face. A good moisturizer is imperative for healthy skin, as is an SPF. Make sure you choose the right moisturizer for your skin type too!"

And they are the lovely tip top beauty tips from Jessica Lowndes, some of which I will definitely be following!

To find out more about the "Do Different" campaign visit Isklar's Facebook Page where you can also find competitions and become part of the campaign yourself. I'm going to start making some changes and follow the Do Different campaign as I feel some things in my life need a little bit of a kickstart! Feel free to let me know what changes you would make to your lifestyle.

Top image is from We Heart It.
Many Thanks to Meagan from Splendid Communications for providing me with photos of Jessica from the photoshoot for the campaign.

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