Who is behind Creative Ingenuity?

That would be me, Emma, a Fashion Design student at the University of Leeds, due to graduate SS12. I find myself very inspired by the world around me, and this little blog here is to help me to note it all down and keep an "online journal". I love the fact that others can see and share in my likes and dislikes, and to also get an insight into the life of a Fashion Design student!

Why did I choose Fashion Design?

Well, I love making things with fabrics - especially if it is a challenge. I'll learn how to make something as I go along if I have to, experimenting along the way! When I come up with an idea to make something I genuinely get quite excited about it.

Creative Ingenuity

Creative Ingenuity originally started as a project for one of my modules at university, however I enjoyed it so much I have carried it on (on and off) and tried stick with writing it. I find it interesting to look back on, remember things I did in earlier years at university and see things I might have forgotten if it wasn't for this very blog.

I have a facebook page to make my blog posts more accessible for others around me, and when I start looking for a job for when I graduate, I can use this blog to promote myself and to get myself noticed!

I hope you enjoy the blog and the things I post about! Feel free to leave comments here, or on facebook! If you have any questions, ask them below in the comments and I'll answer!!

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