Friday, August 26, 2011

The "Other" Blog


Well, I always thought of myself as a one-blog kinda girl. I absolutely LOVE writing my blog, and I am really getting into it lately. I don't know what it is about it, but there is really something therapeutic about keeping this little online journal.

I kinda wish I'd started blogging earlier in my life, or that I'd got more into it in October 2009 when I first started this as part of a uni project. I feel as though Creative Ingenuity is becoming a little part of me, I think about it while I'm doing other things and think to myself, would I like to mention this on my blog? With this in mind, I have started to say yes to this question more and more over the past few months!

Anyway, over the past year I have really developed a love for baking, which I believe is from working in an office where "cakes and treats" were available most days of the week. I wish I'd baked more for the office over the year, but I'm gona visit them with homemade treats over the next year (it'll give me a break from uni work!).
Whenever I make a cake/cakes, I always follow a recipe. I mainly get the recipe off the internet, adjust it slightly to suit me then make my yummy treats. Then I put the recipe somewhere and move on to the next recipe. I never ever remember where I put the recipe and spend more time looking for it again as opposed to the actual baking!! I decided that I needed a recipe book of some sort, or a file/folder to keep the recipes I use in one place... then I thought I would like to share the recipes with people, and I'd like to give my reviews or to hear other people's comments, so I have made myself a Cakey blog. Now I have even more motivation to bake and make cakes, as I have my other little blog to write on.
So please feel free to visit my other blog! It only has one recipe on at the minute but I can PROMISE you that more will be uploaded very soon. I'd love for feedback and comments about the recipes and cakes seen on the website!

Click on the image above to visit *cupcakes and sweet dreams*....


Top image is from We Heart It, *cupcakes and sweet dreams logo is designed by myself.

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