30 Things...

...to do before I turn 30!

Well I am 21 (nearly 22!!) years old and there are many many things I would like to do in my life. I have seen a few blogs with the 25 before 25, 30 before 30 etc etc and I would quite like to motivate myself to actually do some of the things that I think of doing. I will add this into a tab so it is easy to keep track of and cross things off my list!

So here it goes...
  1. Run a 10k
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon
  3. Visit New York
  4. Buy a VW Beetle
  5. Graduate from university (hopefully with a 1st but a 2:1 will do!)
  6. Go to Paris
  7. Go on a roadtrip in a VW Campervan
  8. Raise over £500 for charity
  9. Start my own business (maybe open a little Haberdashery?)
  10. Go to Glastonbury
  11. Attend a Blogger Meet-up I attended a spontaneous cocktail night 13/09/11!!
  12. Own an industrial sewing machine
  13. Complete an Otley Run (Yes I have lived in Leeds for 3 years and have not done an Otley run!!!)
  14. Go to Ireland
  15. Arrange and organise a fashion show for College/University students
  16. Get a real job once I graduate university
  17. Start shopping in charity shops and blog about my finds
  18. Buy a house
  19. Run a full marathon
  20. Take part in breaking a world record
  21. Go on ALL the rollercoasters at Alton Towers in one day (hopefully I will do this in September!) Completed on 04/09/2011 with Hannah Brown!
  22. Visit the Grand Canyon
  23. Go to Disneyland!
  24. Meet someone famous who I actually know things about so I could say something intelligent
  25. Get a little Westie for a pet
  26. Try to read at least one book a month as a regular thing (minimum of 12months for this to be crossed off!)
  27. Start a Cake Recipe Blog Visit cupcakesandsweetdreams.blogspot.com
  28. Appear on Deal or No Deal (this seems a bit silly but it's a game show purely based on luck and not skill! And meeting Noel Edmonds would be cool)
  29. Join some Socials during my final year at university!
  30. Learn more about HTML to make my blog truly unique to me!
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