Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello Final Year

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Well, I was still really busy... I think I just need to come up with a new routine around university, work and everything else in life. But as soon as things really get going, that'll be easy I'm sure! At the minute my timetable keeps changing and we are just going through ideas, so I am just going with it at the minute until things settle down.

Final year has been really exciting so far (I started back on Monday) and I've been brainstorming my ideas so I can do something (hopefully) spectacular over the next year. It has felt quite strange to go from what I was doing in my placement to back to university. However I am still really excited about the next year and I cannot wait to get stuck in!!

I just thought I would show you something that was on campus as part of the first week at university, Harvey Nichols had brought a huge trailer onto the campus to stage a fashion show, and live bands. It was during my lunch break that the fashion show was staged and I reached for my camera to show you all some photos. 

I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do you have the time?

I'm really sorry for my lack of posts lately! I was really getting into it, but I've been busy with work and doing research for my university course, so I haven't felt like I have time. Yep, it is that time again, I've had my year in The Real World so now I get to be a student one more time. There will be a lot of work involved but this year we get to choose about our projects and I love the idea of getting to do things I am truly passionate about. It is really exciting. This is the year I get to make a Final Collection, which will be most favourite part of the course (even if I do complain about everything going wrong at some point or other). So here is a little post with photos from to do with studying and reading, that will just about get me through until tomorrow when it is time for my Friday Feeling.

 Some of these study areas are really inspiring, and will be going into my flat inspiration folder! I'm starting to create some personal collages on the walls in my flat, so these are really interesting for me.

What is the study area in your house like? Anyone going back to university this year?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Feeling #2

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That's true, Friday is here once again and this week feels as though it has gone so so fast. This week I have Friday off work (I did work last night though!!) so I am going to have a day where I clean and tidy the flat in order for my lovely friends Heather and Josh to come around for a Wii Night. Heather is bringing the treats, which I am rather excited about... I don't even know what the treats are!!

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 So I think the evening is going to be filled with Mario Kart Wii tournaments and various games from Wii Sports... I can't really remember what games I have but I definitely have a few more and these two will definitely be entertaining!!

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I will also be going to work in York, which means a train and bus journey for me on both Saturday and Sunday, but I like train journeys!! I have plenty of books out from the library and I can read these and listen to some lovely music while travelling. I'm really enjoying work, who knew working in a clothing store could be so much fun. I also get to be a perfectionist without looking silly!

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  I also so badly want to do some sewing. I have some alterations to take care of for my friends but I am part way through making a bag, and I want a big sort out of all my fabrics at some point!! I plan to turn some of my storage shelves into my own little sewing storage where I can keep everything I own sewing-related organised and tidy! This might have to wait until I rearrange the flat though!!

This is my sewing desk, which will only get better as the year goes on!!
 So that is my weekend, as planned this Friday morning.

What have you got planned for the weekend?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I love Leeds

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As you might know, I live in Leeds. I have done for three lovely years now. I've studied and worked 9-5 in Leeds and well I've grown up A LOT! I am about to embark on my final year of my course and I am rather excited!! Oh the creativity is about to burst out of me just at the anticipation. (I am also aware that there will be a whole year of work work work to do before I graduate but I'm not going to  let that scare me - well not right away).

Now, I must admit I haven't even started making the most of living in one of the most fashionable cities in the UK... but all of that is about to change.
It really does!
So yesterday, me and my new lovely friend Lil went to the Victoria Quarter in Leeds to the official launch of the Leeds Loves Shopping Festival which starts October 13th 2011. This was loads of fun, we met independent designers, the people behind the Leeds Guide, Marketing in Leeds, Leeds City Council and even the organiser of the Leeds Fashion Show Anjula Davidson!

It was great fun to talk about my little blog and what I am intending to do with it over the next few months. We also chatted about upcoming events as part of the festival and about the planning and dedication towards planning these events.

We were given lovely goodie bags, with lots of information about the upcoming festival and two little presents!!

I received this beautiful hair clip from Life's Big Canvas and a bath bomb from Patisserie De Bain.

I have made so many contacts in Leeds, which hopefully will lead to me getting involved more with Fashion Activities all over the city!

Look for companies and organisations in Leeds on Twitter if you live in the area if you'd like to do more to get involved too!

Check out for everything you need to know about the festival, and I will keep you updated with everything I get upto as part of the festival right here, so don't forget to check back!!

Who Lives in Leeds and would like to get involved too?! Leave me a lovely little thought below!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Who wants Charlie Sheen's face?!"

Who doesn't, eh?

Well last night I went on a little trip to Sheffield for spontaneous cocktails with some fellow bloggers! I was so excited to meet some of the people behind the blogs I read, and meet new bloggers! It was such a fun night filled with giggles, cocktails priced with Charlie Sheen's face and watching in eager anticipation as to who would get the best "extras" on the cocktail of their choice.

I hadn't been to any sort of blogger event before but since joining Twitter I have found so many new blogs and seen how the little blogging community comes together, and I wanted to be a part of that. So last weekend when Claire (from jazzpad - links to follow at the bottom of the post) asked if any Sheffield bloggers wanted to meet for a spontaneous night of cocktails on Tuesday night, I couldn't resist (seeing as I am only in Leeds)!

I got the train from Leeds with Lil (from A Storm in a Teacup), which was great because it meant we got to have a natter on the train in! We met Claire at the station who gave us part-one of our "Tour of Sheffield" as she guided us to The Wick at Both Ends bar on West Street. This bar was lovely, with comfy sofas and chairs and even an old school desk! The second part of the tour was on our way back to the train station (and even though I've been to Sheffield quite a few times, it was good to see it from her point of view too!).

Lil, Clare and Claire!

Alice and Steph!

Emily and Me!
 Emily, Clare (with no 'i'), Alice and Steph all arrived in no time and we got on with ordering cocktails and getting to know each other. Each cocktail came with little accessories such as mini parasols, lollipops, strawberries, flowers and the little treats that came on my cocktail...
Banana flavoured candyfloss and a little plastic ring!! (This was a Pink Ripper)!

 I was so glad I went and met these lovely bloggers, who knows it might even become a regular thing!!

Claire and her "Gun" Camera... or is it a microscope?
 Claire - jazzpad

Thanks girlies for such a lovely night!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Soothing Sunday #3 (On a Monday!)

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 Well it isn't anymore... it is Monday but last night I got home at 8PM and just wanted to sit somewhere like below!

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So I started this post last night and put it to one side to watch TV and eat pizza and lots and lots of sweeties. So here is what I would have posted yesterday:

My week has been filled with lots of time to myself, but I have loved it. I have visited CWI twice (that's where I did my placement) I'm pretty sure if I keep visiting that much they will think I still work there! The second time I visited, I took cake. Homemade marble cake to be precise! It was tasty and they all enjoyed it! I will be posting the recipe and photos on The Other Blog very very soon! The image is more blurry than anticipated but nevermind, it still looks tasty.

 I also did a spot of baking with my friend Heather (and I supposed I should mention her boyfriend Josh seeing as he did help a little bit). Another recipe to be added to that Cakey blog of mine, but with less photos! They were called Chocolate and Pear Muffins, however they aren't very muffin-looking (as you will see in the next photo) but they sure are very very yummy!

I have also started working at GAP Outlet, in the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in -or should I say just outside of- York. I love it!! I have to travel but it is worth it and it has encouraged me to buy one of those Young Person's Railcards. So all is good, just can't wait to feel more settled and actually know what I'm doing a bit more!

Travelling will also encourage me to read on the train, so I visited one of the University Libraries and picked up a few books. This time (where I cannot go on facebook or play silly internet games) will actually enable me to do some reading without too many disturbances!

Getting up in the morning and switching on the telly has somehow got me a little addicted with One Tree Hill. It's quite early in the series (I think) so it is quite easy to get into.... and well I'm really enjoying it!!

So I think that rounds up my week. There will be lots more to come next Sunday (and I will really try to post it on the SUNDAY!).

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Tote Bag

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Hello, I've had a productive day today. I have tidied and sorted the flat a bit more (there is still a lot to do) and I have been to the library to get some books out to do some reading for my dissertation.

I am usually awful at finding the books I want, no matter how organised I am, I just can't seem to follow the little symbols on the sides of the book to "help" you find them. Anyway, it was going well, until I could only find the Reference copy of one of my books (it didn't really matter because I picked up 2 extra books in its place) but I double checked and there was a standard copy available somewhere. I decided to go have another look and on my way to where the book should have been hiding, another book caught my eye...

It mainly caught my eye because it has the most interesting cover in the whole library but then I wanted to know what was inside this beautiful cover. It is basically filled with hundreds of designs found on the fabulous accessory the Tote Bag. Here are some photos I have taken from inside the book:

 You can also find out more on this website:

If you could design your own tote bag, what would it look like?

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