Friday, August 05, 2011

I've had a little idea...

In March, when I was working at my placement, I was given a book by my friend Chantelle as part of World Book Night 2011. This was quite an exciting thing to be a part of as Chantelle had 30 or so copies of this book and was handing them out to people to read, for free!! Once the book has been read, it can then be passed onto someone else to read (for free) and the process is repeated through friends and families. There is a tracking number in the back of the book so that you can register that you've had the book, and where you had it. Then a little while after you've passed it on, you can track where the book has been!

I was really interested in this idea, and since I started reading the book earlier this week, I have been thinking about who I'd like to pass the book onto.... Well, here is my idea:

Why don't we keep this book "Blogger Themed"? There are two ways this could be done, people request the book and an order is made and the book is passed along in that order, or, each blog nominates another blog and passes it onto them individually! Any ideas on which idea is best would be really helpful.

I suppose I better tell you about the book then! The book is called Northern Lights, by Philip Pullman, and is one part of a three part series called "His Dark Materials". I'm not going to lie... I LOVED this book, I could barely put it down! The book is really different, it contains mystery and superstition, following the story of a young girl and her dæmon and how her life will be changed forever. It's really gripping, and with so many twists and turns throughout the whole book. At first I didn't really like the main character, probably because she was the complete opposite of me, but as I got to know her more in the book and her tale, I found myself connecting with her. I would highly recommend this book, and cannot wait to hear what others think!!

So let me know what you all think, if anyone would like to request to be next then comment or send me an email!! I think it'll be a lovely way to unite Bloggers (in a sort of book club kind of way?) and this one little book could travel the world on Bloggers alone! When I pass on the book, I'll include a little note to let you know how to write a journal entry on the book, so everyone can track it, and you could all sign it with your blogs to show who has had it!

The image above is taken from the World Book Night website. The image of the book is taken from my camera.


  1. I loved this post when I saw it was about passing on books and learning where they've been (I love getting books from swap rooms in hotels/villas where people have written notes in them), and even more so when I saw it was about Northern Lights. The His Dark Materials trilogy are my favourite books EVER. I'd definitely be up for doing this if you still need someone, could re-read it a million times!xxx

  2. Awww Emily. Thanks for you comment!

    I'd love to pass the book onto you, you seem very excited about the idea!! I've sent an email to the contact email address on the profile of your blog. All I need is your address and the book will be yours to pass on.

    I hope you enjoy reading it again! xxx


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