Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello Final Year

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Well, I was still really busy... I think I just need to come up with a new routine around university, work and everything else in life. But as soon as things really get going, that'll be easy I'm sure! At the minute my timetable keeps changing and we are just going through ideas, so I am just going with it at the minute until things settle down.

Final year has been really exciting so far (I started back on Monday) and I've been brainstorming my ideas so I can do something (hopefully) spectacular over the next year. It has felt quite strange to go from what I was doing in my placement to back to university. However I am still really excited about the next year and I cannot wait to get stuck in!!

I just thought I would show you something that was on campus as part of the first week at university, Harvey Nichols had brought a huge trailer onto the campus to stage a fashion show, and live bands. It was during my lunch break that the fashion show was staged and I reached for my camera to show you all some photos. 

I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do you have the time?

I'm really sorry for my lack of posts lately! I was really getting into it, but I've been busy with work and doing research for my university course, so I haven't felt like I have time. Yep, it is that time again, I've had my year in The Real World so now I get to be a student one more time. There will be a lot of work involved but this year we get to choose about our projects and I love the idea of getting to do things I am truly passionate about. It is really exciting. This is the year I get to make a Final Collection, which will be most favourite part of the course (even if I do complain about everything going wrong at some point or other). So here is a little post with photos from to do with studying and reading, that will just about get me through until tomorrow when it is time for my Friday Feeling.

 Some of these study areas are really inspiring, and will be going into my flat inspiration folder! I'm starting to create some personal collages on the walls in my flat, so these are really interesting for me.

What is the study area in your house like? Anyone going back to university this year?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Feeling #2

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That's true, Friday is here once again and this week feels as though it has gone so so fast. This week I have Friday off work (I did work last night though!!) so I am going to have a day where I clean and tidy the flat in order for my lovely friends Heather and Josh to come around for a Wii Night. Heather is bringing the treats, which I am rather excited about... I don't even know what the treats are!!

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 So I think the evening is going to be filled with Mario Kart Wii tournaments and various games from Wii Sports... I can't really remember what games I have but I definitely have a few more and these two will definitely be entertaining!!

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I will also be going to work in York, which means a train and bus journey for me on both Saturday and Sunday, but I like train journeys!! I have plenty of books out from the library and I can read these and listen to some lovely music while travelling. I'm really enjoying work, who knew working in a clothing store could be so much fun. I also get to be a perfectionist without looking silly!

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  I also so badly want to do some sewing. I have some alterations to take care of for my friends but I am part way through making a bag, and I want a big sort out of all my fabrics at some point!! I plan to turn some of my storage shelves into my own little sewing storage where I can keep everything I own sewing-related organised and tidy! This might have to wait until I rearrange the flat though!!

This is my sewing desk, which will only get better as the year goes on!!
 So that is my weekend, as planned this Friday morning.

What have you got planned for the weekend?
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