Monday, August 22, 2011

Little Surprise For Me!

Well, the other day I was playing around with my camera (this tends to be something I do when it comes to Technology because I like to now everything it does, and how to do everything on it). Anyway, there I was flicking through the settings and trying different styles when I found this BEAUTIFUL setting!

I absolutely love it, and it was such a great surprise!! I think I'll use it every so often to capture tiny little details! But it doesn't work too well for certain things so it'll just have to be a special setting for me until I figure out how to use it properly! The camera is an Olympus X-940, which I bought in February, and although it is a bit temperamental it is a pretty good camera. Look below for some more lovely photos using the same style:

Have you found any interesting features on your camera?

Top image is from here and the rest are from my camera.

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