Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fashion is so busy busy busy...

This term I have been so busy keeping up with work, deadlines, placement applications and interviews, while still trying to have some me time, just so I don't go crazy.

Firstly I'll start off with good news, I have been offered and I've accepted a Placement at Cohen & Wilks in Leeds, securing a job in Quality Assurance (QA), which I am really looking forward to. From July 2010 I will be starting my rather practical placement (this is what I love most in Fashion) and I will get a taste of what my future might hold for me.

Over the past term at university I have had a marketing project, a brand audit, a design project on sustainability and a Nonwovens project titled "FASHION: Decoratif". All of which have been interesting, exciting and a lot of hard work. You can look forward to seeing some examples of the things I've been doing over the past 8 weeks in the posts to come.
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