Friday, June 24, 2011

Going to the Seaside

This weekend I am going back "Home" (where I came from before I moved to Leeds, which is also home) for 5 whole days! Now, some of you might have heard of Lincolnshire (it's that shire between the Humber and the Wash, on the east side of the UK) and I'll be staying in a small town called Sutton-On-Sea! My home is in Mablethorpe, where I will go visit the parents, and I'll also be going to Wainfleet, and probably a bit of time in Skegness!

I am going back for a Christening, as well as to see family and friends! I'm very excited! I'll take some photos and post when I get back to Leeds, to let you know how my little holiday home went! 

Here is a little picture my sister Adele took last time she went home. I hope it's this sunny next week!

Thank you to Adele Coady for allowing me to use your photo!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fenech Soler

I am absolutely in love with the band Fenech Soler at the moment. Their album, named after the band, is most likely to be my album of the summer. Check out their website here.

A few of my favourite tunes are Battlefield, Lies, Stop and Stare, Demons and Walk Alone. Why not take a listen?

My favourite site to hear music for free is Grooveshark. It's much like Spotify, however the adverts are on the screen as opposed to in between songs, which works better for me! You can create a profile for free and save you favourite songs into playlists too!

Image is from the Fenech Soler Website!

Baking and Caking

Work has been a little bit hectic this week, with people away / travelling to the Far East, and us all getting the AW11 samples in as well as SS12 development samples. Not only do we have all that to cope with, we are inspecting various styles in the warehouse too! Time always seems to go faster when you're busy and everyone is just about coping under all this pressure.
There is a little task that I have had to ask for help with, and quite frankly I couldn't get it done with just me and Hannah, so everyone is lending a helping hand. To reward those who help I have done a little bit of baking to keep up their strength.

I might not make the best looking cakes but they always taste good, even if I do say so myself!

Photo from my camera.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Check this out...

I've just made a Welcome Page for Creative Ingenuity's Facebook Page! Why not have a look at it?

I wanted to make it interesting and yet give enough information about the blog to make people want to follow!

Converse - A Timeless Design

I was putting on my Converse shoes this morning and they got me thinking, I've had these shoes for about 5 years now and although a bit faded, the are still in good condition.

Over the past 5 years these shoes have been through quite a lot, I might not wear them everyday however these have been used quite well and are still going strong.

The converse design is well known and is most probably unlikely to change. The shoes are available in pretty much every single colour, various lengths and styles, patterned or plain and the best part - they're for boys and girls! After getting my first pair, I talked my boyfriend into getting some, and he must admit he is a fan now.
David Tennant wore them for his role as Doctor Who, and was recently seen in an interview wearing Superman Converse, which are really very cool! Have a look at them below.

It seems as though pretty much anything can be put onto Converse, which makes them so versatile. In black or white, they can look quite smart; as opposed to yellow or green, which is much more retro!

I definitely plan to get more, maybe in different styles as well as colour.

Image 1 is from my camera, image 2 is from image search.

Monday, June 20, 2011


A few of you might have seen that I've made a few changes to my blog lately. I've been adding new things in between my posts, such as my projects and CV pages at the top!
Today I decided to completely change the look of my blog. Although I loved the pink, I wanted something a bit fresher looking, so decided to opt for a clean white background behind my text. I used the Blogger Template to create my new-look page and I'm really impressed with the final outcome.
Why not have a look around and let me know what you think?

The Green Lantern

Yesterday I went to see the Green Lantern in 3D at the nearby cinema, and I must say I was quite impressed. As a bit of a superhero fan I thought this would be a film I'd enjoy however I don't know much about Green Lantern so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Ryan Reynolds stars as the Green Lantern, and his usual kind of role (a bit of a clown going for jokes and looking cool, and also not being someone you could really rely on) is played on a little bit at the beginning of the film and gives you that "will he be able to save the day?" question that you're supposed to get with these kinds of films.
The 3D effects were very good, I've nto seen many films in 3D so it's all kind of new to me, however once I'd got used to the perspective it gives you, I quite enjoyed the visual effects.
The film's storyline could have probably done with a little bit longer screen play, but it wasn't too packed in that you'd completely lost the plot, it maybe could have been developed more for a superhero movie. It was a good storyline however, you watch as the good guy and the baddie develop into their characters, you have the girl that they both want and there's some humour in it too so that it's not dark and twisted.

All in all a good film that I'd recommend, and if there is a sequel then I'll definitely be going to watch that too!

Image is from

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Waiting At The Window

When I was little there was a book in my house called "Now we are Six", I can't remember it well, but I remember one poem from inside it, very well. The book was written by A.A. Milne (the very famous person who wrote Winnie the Pooh stories, and the poem featured an illustration with Pooh Bear in the window) and was about raindrops on the window. It didn't matter where I was or the window I was looking out of (be it at home, in the car, at school) I'd remember this poem, and think about it as I watched the rain hit the window.
Well, when I opened my curtains this morning and found it was raining, I was reminded of this poem, I still love it! I hope you enjoy reading it too.
These are my two drops of rain
Waiting on the window-pane.
I am waiting here to see

Which the winning one will be.
Both of them have different names.

One is John and one is James.
All the best and all the worst

Comes from which of them is first.
James has just begun to ooze.

He's the one I want to lose.
John is waiting to begin.

He's the one I want to win.
James is going slowly on.

Something sort of sticks to John.
John is moving off at last.

James is going pretty fast.
John is rushing down the pane.

James is going slow again.
James has met a sort of smear.

John is getting very near.
Is he going fast enough?

(James has found a piece of fluff.)
John has quickly hurried by.

(James was talking to a fly.)
John is there, and John has won!

Look! I told you! Here's the sun!

Poem by A.A. Milne and featured in the book "Now we are Six" published in 1927.
Image is from here which features more poems from A.A. Milne.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What a Beautiful Day!

In April, my boyfriend took me on a little surprise day trip to Wakefield. We got up early, took the train and walked (for ages and ages) through Wakefield to Newmiller Dam, which was absolutely beautiful.
The surroundings were tranquil and the view over the dam was outstanding. The weather was gorgeous, and it completely took both of us away from stresses of work and university, as well as giving us a break from our normally busy Saturday mornings. Once we were there we walked, talked and sat around the dam, basking in the glorious sunshine and enjoying the peace and quiet away from Leeds City Centre. I've attached some photos below that I managed to take before my camera battery ran out! Enjoy!

Photos are from my own camera.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Shoes for Topman

Marc Hare has designed a collection of shoes just for Topman which goes on sale in August, online and in selected stores. I read about this collection on GQ Online and automatically loved the style of these shoes. Priced from £85, these shoes are stylish, smart and sleek, which contrasting outer materials ranging from suede to alligator print collaborated throughout the range.

All images from
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