Sunday, August 21, 2011

Soothing Sunday #2

Well, I haven't had many chances to blog this week, which I actually really missed (considering I'm not very good at blogging regularly, I have been trying to post more in the past few weeks). I'm currently at home for the summer after a few personal problems, and after having a delightful visit from my sister we had limited internet downloads left. Which meant I was rationing off the last few megabytes to use Facebook and Twitter. Well from today the download limit has been set to zero again meaning that I have full use of the internet to blog blog blog!

So, what I am trying to say is that Blogging makes me happy! Just having a record of my thoughts and inspirations is what I love the most about writing a blog.

To be honest, I have a few posts in my head lined up... but I haven't taken photos along the week to put up here today for my Soothing Sunday! I can tell you a little something about my week! I had a road trip to Leeds on Thursday to see people from CWI, sort out a few things at the flat and to have a look for some part time jobs. My auntie and uncle visited Mablethorpe and we found some very old cameras in a market (I might go take some photos of these interesting old-fashioned cameras to share with you!). Today I travelled to Luton with my parents to get my sister and the journey was filled with 90's music and tasty sweets, so I can't really complain about being in the car for 6 and a half hours. I have also spent my week reading, watching Men Behaving Badly, going for early morning runs and seeing friends.

Finally here is my most favourite song this week:


The lovely Mouthwash by Kate Nash!

Image is from We Heart It and the video is from Youtube.

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