Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Who wants Charlie Sheen's face?!"

Who doesn't, eh?

Well last night I went on a little trip to Sheffield for spontaneous cocktails with some fellow bloggers! I was so excited to meet some of the people behind the blogs I read, and meet new bloggers! It was such a fun night filled with giggles, cocktails priced with Charlie Sheen's face and watching in eager anticipation as to who would get the best "extras" on the cocktail of their choice.

I hadn't been to any sort of blogger event before but since joining Twitter I have found so many new blogs and seen how the little blogging community comes together, and I wanted to be a part of that. So last weekend when Claire (from jazzpad - links to follow at the bottom of the post) asked if any Sheffield bloggers wanted to meet for a spontaneous night of cocktails on Tuesday night, I couldn't resist (seeing as I am only in Leeds)!

I got the train from Leeds with Lil (from A Storm in a Teacup), which was great because it meant we got to have a natter on the train in! We met Claire at the station who gave us part-one of our "Tour of Sheffield" as she guided us to The Wick at Both Ends bar on West Street. This bar was lovely, with comfy sofas and chairs and even an old school desk! The second part of the tour was on our way back to the train station (and even though I've been to Sheffield quite a few times, it was good to see it from her point of view too!).

Lil, Clare and Claire!

Alice and Steph!

Emily and Me!
 Emily, Clare (with no 'i'), Alice and Steph all arrived in no time and we got on with ordering cocktails and getting to know each other. Each cocktail came with little accessories such as mini parasols, lollipops, strawberries, flowers and the little treats that came on my cocktail...
Banana flavoured candyfloss and a little plastic ring!! (This was a Pink Ripper)!

 I was so glad I went and met these lovely bloggers, who knows it might even become a regular thing!!

Claire and her "Gun" Camera... or is it a microscope?
 Claire - jazzpad

Thanks girlies for such a lovely night!!

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  1. yey i had a great time :D


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