Monday, September 12, 2011

Soothing Sunday #3 (On a Monday!)

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 Well it isn't anymore... it is Monday but last night I got home at 8PM and just wanted to sit somewhere like below!

Image is from here.
So I started this post last night and put it to one side to watch TV and eat pizza and lots and lots of sweeties. So here is what I would have posted yesterday:

My week has been filled with lots of time to myself, but I have loved it. I have visited CWI twice (that's where I did my placement) I'm pretty sure if I keep visiting that much they will think I still work there! The second time I visited, I took cake. Homemade marble cake to be precise! It was tasty and they all enjoyed it! I will be posting the recipe and photos on The Other Blog very very soon! The image is more blurry than anticipated but nevermind, it still looks tasty.

 I also did a spot of baking with my friend Heather (and I supposed I should mention her boyfriend Josh seeing as he did help a little bit). Another recipe to be added to that Cakey blog of mine, but with less photos! They were called Chocolate and Pear Muffins, however they aren't very muffin-looking (as you will see in the next photo) but they sure are very very yummy!

I have also started working at GAP Outlet, in the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in -or should I say just outside of- York. I love it!! I have to travel but it is worth it and it has encouraged me to buy one of those Young Person's Railcards. So all is good, just can't wait to feel more settled and actually know what I'm doing a bit more!

Travelling will also encourage me to read on the train, so I visited one of the University Libraries and picked up a few books. This time (where I cannot go on facebook or play silly internet games) will actually enable me to do some reading without too many disturbances!

Getting up in the morning and switching on the telly has somehow got me a little addicted with One Tree Hill. It's quite early in the series (I think) so it is quite easy to get into.... and well I'm really enjoying it!!

So I think that rounds up my week. There will be lots more to come next Sunday (and I will really try to post it on the SUNDAY!).

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  1. Ooh that does look relaxing! I love the bed photo you got - that's going in my house decorating inspiration

    Lauren from Lauren Loves xxx


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