Friday, June 24, 2011

Going to the Seaside

This weekend I am going back "Home" (where I came from before I moved to Leeds, which is also home) for 5 whole days! Now, some of you might have heard of Lincolnshire (it's that shire between the Humber and the Wash, on the east side of the UK) and I'll be staying in a small town called Sutton-On-Sea! My home is in Mablethorpe, where I will go visit the parents, and I'll also be going to Wainfleet, and probably a bit of time in Skegness!

I am going back for a Christening, as well as to see family and friends! I'm very excited! I'll take some photos and post when I get back to Leeds, to let you know how my little holiday home went! 

Here is a little picture my sister Adele took last time she went home. I hope it's this sunny next week!

Thank you to Adele Coady for allowing me to use your photo!

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