Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Converse - A Timeless Design

I was putting on my Converse shoes this morning and they got me thinking, I've had these shoes for about 5 years now and although a bit faded, the are still in good condition.

Over the past 5 years these shoes have been through quite a lot, I might not wear them everyday however these have been used quite well and are still going strong.

The converse design is well known and is most probably unlikely to change. The shoes are available in pretty much every single colour, various lengths and styles, patterned or plain and the best part - they're for boys and girls! After getting my first pair, I talked my boyfriend into getting some, and he must admit he is a fan now.
David Tennant wore them for his role as Doctor Who, and was recently seen in an interview wearing Superman Converse, which are really very cool! Have a look at them below.

It seems as though pretty much anything can be put onto Converse, which makes them so versatile. In black or white, they can look quite smart; as opposed to yellow or green, which is much more retro!

I definitely plan to get more, maybe in different styles as well as colour.

Image 1 is from my camera, image 2 is from Google.co.uk image search.

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