Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summertime Fireworks

In the little seaside town where I live, there is a yearly event where the Summer Illuminations are turned on by someone famous to establish the start of the summer holidays in the town.
Mablethorpe has been my hometown since I was about 5... which was a long time ago... And the illuminations were always something my family and I looked forward to. In the beginning we went out the watch the illuminations (and pretty impressive firework displays) as they weren't too far from home, but we soon realised we could enjoy it just as much in the comfort of our own garden! Various celebrities of different status' have come to Mablethorpe to turn on the lights, from Corrie stars to Gladiators! The event is always a big hit with the holiday makers and locals alike, with many waiting outside for hours near the seafront for the even to begin.

This year I have video'd the fireworks for you guys tonight. I've edited my video so that you all can see some of the best bits! (This could be very poor by the way, as I am not a professional at this sort of thing). The fireworks were not well placed above our back garden so some are just above our bathroom roof, however they're still very enjoyable.

I hope you like it!! Why not let me know what your hometown's do to celebrate summer?

Video is from my camera and edited by myself.

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