Monday, July 11, 2011

Goodbye CWI - Hello Summer

Just over 12 months ago I started my placement at Cohen and Wilks, now it is coming to an end... it'll be a sad week to leave my work friends so that I can enjoy the summer before my final year at university. I'll be tying off loose ends, packing up my stuff and saying my good-byes.

I've absolutely loved the experience CWI has given me, I have learnt so much about the industry and even more about garments! I've made some amazing friends that I'll definitely stay in contact with, who have helped me so much throughout my experience. Working at CWI has changed the way I work, so hopefully I'll be much more organised and better at using my time more effectively. I can also use my technical knowledge to fuel my designs develop my final collection! I don't think I can even put into words how much this year has and will continue to help me...

As much as I've enjoyed working, the 9-5 days aren't quite what I'm used to and I'm looking forward to being a student again! I'm looking forward to having time to visit Art Galleries, Museums and to finding inspiration every single day! I've missed being creative over the past year, and I cannot wait until I get to start my final collection!

So as I sadly say Good-bye to CWI - I am saying Hello to summer, to creativity, to inspiration and to living the life as a student one more time!

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