Friday, April 16, 2010

Wii like to play

I remember when the Nintendo Wii first came out, it stood for family gaming where everyone can be good at sports, racing and playing games that regular controllers made difficult. The wireless technology, range of fun games and probably the fact that it was made by Nintendo was what appealed to me. Gamers complained about the graphics and all the kind of things that I didn't really expect from a game's console, I don't need that to enjoy something. What was really good was that you could play tennis and bowling, and for once it was more of a challenge for everyone, it required more skill in a way, but that was what made it fun. No one could be perfect at it first time and the range of games, even just in Wii Sports, allowed there to be at least one game you were good at, and probably one you weren't.

I've had my Wii for nearly two years now and I love it. I have games such as Mario Kart, which is probably my favourite and the most fun game I've ever played, Rayman's Raving Rabbids and the New Super Mario Brothers. These are games that encourage you to play with others, sometimes up to 4 or 8 people in some games. They're enjoyable for all, everyone can take part and in some games, two players are needed to complete different tasks and parts of the game.

You can buy channels, allowing you to surf the net, check the weather and news, find out about the latest Nintendo games, and also to interact with others. You can buy Wii Points to buy games from older consoles that you can re-live on the wii, and you can create your own character (or Mii), and many other characters to enter them in Mii contests. There is something for everyone of all ages on the Wii.

I love the Nintendo Wii and I'd encourage everyone to get one, they're no PS3 or Xbox 360, but it's a console worth having.

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