Sunday, January 24, 2010

We're with Stupid

Diesel's latest advertising campaign is really quite interesting. Opening the front page of February's GQ, the first thing I saw was "BE STUPID", opening out the ad further explains that "only the stupid can be truly brilliant". This got me thinking, what could this mean? Is it that their customers are stupid and buy their jeans because they're brilliant? Probably not their intentions. I looked into it further and actually Diesel have a point. After watching the video on their website, I kind of understand where they're coming from. Smart people think about what they're doing, planning their next move and making something of themselves, whereas the "stupid people" are brave, live life to the full and are spontaneous. Who are Diesel aiming this advert towards? The people who find life a bit boring, the same thing day-in day-out. The want people to believe that being "stupid" can actually enhance their lives, make it more fun and adventurous. Diesel are selling a lifestyle to the consumer, and it's the lifestyle everyone wants to live.

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