Monday, January 04, 2010

Garment Technology - Hoods

Over the past two years at university, we have studied a module called Garment Technology. In this module there are two main areas, these are the analytical side and the practical side to garments. For the analytical part, we have to visit a range of stores and research into garment styles and features, find images and take pictures, and then analyse these to give us a greater knowledge about the differences found in each area. This knowledge is then applied into the practical side, to allow us to make a pattern and construct a garment featuring an aspect of this area. The first area we were given this year was hoods. Below is the page displaying the different types of hoods I found. These included those found on outerwear, dressing gowns and in academic dress. Below this are photographs of the hooded garment I constructed. The research in this module can also be used to inspire a wider range of designs in other modules and personal projects.

Images are from my camera and are of my work. Thankyou to Nathan Whitehouse for modelling my final garment.

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