Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Me, Myself and Design

This blog will be all about my life and how design fits into it. As a fashion design student, I need to be inspired and influenced, and this blog will show and tell the things that catch my eye, make me stop and want to use in the design aspect of my life. This will be my online sketchbook, journal and portfolio. I will showcase my work and will look back at this in years to come as I see how I've progressed throughout my career. Not everything on here will be my work however, as i plan to keep note of the things that inspire me so that in years to come I have something to look back on and keep me inspired, or to give me new ideas.

The seasons are a great source for inspiration, especially autumn. Looking out of my window and seeing the light shine through the brightly coloured leaves, inspired me for a theme and colour palette used in a design project at university. Based on the Evolve trend from WGSN, I then created my own Growth theme, which reflects shapes, patterns and colours found in nature.

Photograph taken from my own camera

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