Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mark Ronson and his shoes for Gucci

"Run DMC had their Adidas. Kanye's still the Louis Vuitton Don. So it makes perfect sense that Best-Dressed Mainstay, former GQ Man of the Year and self-confessed "avid sneaker addict" Mark Ronson would try his hand at a footwear collaboration. After bonding with Gucci's Creative Director Frida Giannini over her impeccable musical taste, Ronson has designed a limited edition range of trainers that will be sold exclusively in a new pop-up store, Gucci Icon-Temporary that opens in London on 22 April."
These trainers reflect Ronson's style completely. In the picture above you can see one is Polka Dot (a favourite of the musician's) and the other is a stylish grey flannel, these are the two that are unique to the London store. His obsession for sneakers started at a young age and after sharing the same taste in music with Frida Giannini they began working together. The article on GQ's website talks about the joint venture, Ronson's inspirations, his new CD and his style.

Watch a video about the new store here. To read the full article and interview click here.

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